We had such a great event with Bill Rue, our Cyber Security Expert. 

He shared great insights to things to be thinking of as you protect your personal details. Whether you're online shopping, receiving phishing emails, clicking through SMS messages, or previewing instagram stories -- it can all be used to collect your data. 

We picked our Top 5 Tips to share with you to accompany you safely on your cyber journeys:

  1. Be on the alert for phishing emails. If it looks suspicious or has a deal that’s too good to be true, chances are it’s shonky.
  2. Even if you rotate through a few passwords you're still open to exposure, so select a good password manager and keep those passwords fresh!
  3. Never use free Wi-Fi; use your phone’s hotspot instead to work from a secure network.
  4. Get around Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). (99% of all successful breaches found by Microsoft did not use MFA)
  5. Go full Marie Kondo on your applications and get rid of those that you are not using. Or if you don’t want to delete them, ensure you update the software to get rid of any existing bugs.

Finally, it’s important to remember that the first thing you should do if you experience a security breach is change your password! Then call your relevant service provider and get them onto it ASAP to avoid further issues.

Check out his website at BillRue.com

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