Thanks to Louise Ford for joining us at our very first Importance of Women in IT virtual breakfast for 2021. It was a fantastic start to the year with some great reasons why women make great project managers being discussed.

8 reasons why Women make great Project Managers:

  1. Effective communication skills - Everyone must know their roles and responsibilities. Key to being a good leader is that there is a feedback loop.
  2. Strong leadership - Women tend to lead by example, increasing their effectiveness as a leader
  3. Exceptional organisational skills - Strong organisational skills are critical, these help PMs prioritise and stay focused on the task
  4. Team Builder - Our empathy and interpersonal skills allow us to get people to work together and deliver on time.
  5. Problem Solver - Women are more often open to communication and discussion in order to find the right solution.
  6. Competent - Don't sell yourself short when your communicating your competence!
  7. Integrity - Mistakes are to be accepted. Be accountable for your decisions and actions. Be honest and transparent with team and stakeholders
  8. Energy (aka enthusiasm to 'get things done') - Keep them in a positive state of mind, especially in difficult and complex environments.

Again, thank you to ANZ for sponsoring this event.

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Just as there aren’t enough women in tech, there aren’t enough women project managers!

Many people find themselves in the role of Project Manager due to someone else’s perception that they would be great at it;. Based on her natural skill for organisation and keen desire to “get stuff done!”, Louise received similar advice from a woman she admired early on in her career. Having achieved success in Project Management, PMO Management and now running a practice of almost 40 PMO specialists, she is still very grateful for that guidance!  

Louise believes that there are certain fundamentals to managing projects that will determine your success (or failure) regardless of what industry or environment you find yourself in.  Join Louise to discuss her insights into a career in Project & PMO Management and what are the natural talents that women often possess that make them successful project managers and differentiate them from their male counterparts.




Louise Ford runs the PMO Practice for Seven Consulting, Australia’s Best Program Delivery Company.

As Practice Lead, she uses her 20 years’ experience in Project and PMO Management to support, develop and assure the quality of delivery for Seven’s PMO Team.

Louise specialises in the implementation of transformation programs in complex environments across IT, Supply Chain & Engineering.


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