Thank you very much to Dayle Stevens, John Taylor, Ayala Domani and David Broeren for joining us at our last Importance of Women in IT virtual breakfast series for the year to give us some insights around Diversity and Inclusion at AGL. 

Some of the insights included:

  • Diversity is helping people get out of their comfort zone - Dayle
  • Diversity is not just about gender, where you come from. It is about accepting that everyone is different and has different views, thoughts and experiences.  Don’t dismiss these ideas just because you don’t agree with them – John
  • You need to allow people to bring their whole self to work. Then you need to understand what is important to us as a team and how we want to work together – Ayala
  • Inclusion is part of our job as a leader - John
  • "Recruiting with inclusion at the forefront of your mind" - stop and think about what kind of team and culture you want. Try to de-bias the role and ads for jobs

It was great to hear about how the energy industry has changed so much over the last five years, with many new jobs appearing.  There is huge transformation going on. Technology is at the core of the change. Software developers no longer sit in a corner and code – they need to consult with business, which involves a new range of skills.

The overriding message was very clear: don’t ‘do’ diversity to meet a target, think about how diversity is making a difference to you and what you need to achieve.

It was a truly inspiring talk and we hope you walked away with some key take aways.

Again, thank you to ANZ for sponsoring this event.

Watch Now to see Diversity At AGL's IOW Session.

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Diversity in the workplace is something that many organisations strive for, but it can often be difficult to know if the right strategies and objectives have been put in place to achieve a truly diverse workplace.

This month we are very excited to host a panel discussion on 'Diversity at AGL' where our fabulous panel will share the insights and learning that is helping them achieve their goal of creating a diverse and inclusive organisation. Our panel includes Dayle Stevens, John Taylor, Ayala Domani and David Broeren (please see biographies below).

AGL is a leading integrated essential service provider, with a proud 184-year history of innovation and a passionate belief in progress – human and technological. They deliver 3.95 million gas, electricity, and telecommunications services to our residential, small and large business, and wholesale customers across Australia. They operate Australia’s largest electricity generation portfolio, with an operated generation capacity of 11,208 MW, which accounts for approximately 20% of the total generation capacity within Australia’s National Electricity Market.

“At AGL, we’re committed to creating a truly diverse and inclusive organisation, to help us drive our strategic priorities of growth, transformation and social licence,” says Stephen McSweeney, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, AGL.


“Our value Better together respects each person as unique and able to bring their different perspectives, experiences and capabilities to their work. By leveraging diversity of thinking, we enrich our ability to innovate and solve problems for our customers.”



General Manager, Data & Analytics at AGL

Dayle Stevens is the General Manager Data & Analytics at AGL Energy. Prior to that Dayle led the enterprise wide digital transformation program at AGL, moving to a cloud based, as a service SAP platform. Before joining AGL, Dayle was a Divisional CIO at NAB, and an SAP Consultant with both IBM and PWC, where she worked with clients around the globe, including Germany, Hong Kong, Sweden and the US. She is also Chair of Board at Robogals, an international not-for-profit organisation aiming to engage young women in engineering and STEM. Dayle has been named in the CIO50 list as one of Australia’s top CIOs, she has won the Australian Computer Society Digital Disruptor Award (twice), and in 2018 was named as one of the Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence.

General Manager, Customer Markets Technology at AGL

John is the General Manager, Customer Markets Technology at AGL with a broad portfolio covering Integrated Energy Technology, Enterprise Technology, Cyber Security and Enterprise Architecture. He has 20+ years’ experience in IT with 10+ years in regional and global CISO roles.

General Manager, Future Business at AGL

Ayala leads the Future Business function at AGL, which is responsible for identifying and incubating growth opportunities in collaboration with the broader business and the external ecosystem. Throughout her career, Ayala has embraced a range of leadership roles, including product management, strategic partnerships and product marketing, specialising in taking emerging products and technologies to market.  Ayala has previously worked with tech startups across technical and customer success roles in international markets and is still an active supporter and mentor in the startup community.

General Manager, Integrated Energy Technology at AGL

David is the General Manager of Integrated Energy Technology for AGL with the responsibility of partnering with our Wholesale Markets & Group Operations teams to deliver their strategic initiatives. Prior to joining AGL, David lead large scale digital delivery programs at Australia Post and NAB. David has over 20 years’ experience in senior leadership roles in the technology industry and is passionate about & has a strong record of delivering transformative commercially biased outcomes.



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