Acknowledge your own expertise, don’t keep looking for validation.

"Progress does not come for free, it usually takes a leap of faith. Say yes and take the opportunities BUT only take risks once you have evaluated and calculated them” - Jennifer Rebeiro CIO at City West Water.

Thank you very much to Jennifer for joining us at our recent Importance of Women in IT virtual breakfast series to share her personal career journey with us from working in a record store to CIO. It has been a very fascinating journey and we really appreciate Jennifer sharing this so candidly with us.

At the beginning of the session Jennifer asked the audience: "Do you ever feel like an imposter?" The answers were mixed but it was evident that no-one answered 'Never'. Her message revolved around success and how it "correlates just as closely to confidence as it does competence. We can take ownership of ourselves & take control of our own confidence."

It was a truly inspiring talk and we hope you walked away with some key take aways.

Again, thank you to ANZ for sponsoring this event.

Watch Now to see Jennifer's IOW Session.



Now the Chief Information Officer at City West Water, it is hard to imagine that Jennifer Rebeiro started her career in IT feeling like a fraud. Jennifer will share with you her story of feeling like an imposter in IT and how she has leveraged her own skillset to forge her own path to become a leader in IT.

Jennifer will reflect on her own journey to highlight the alternative pathways into IT and how underneath it all it is all about process, behaviour and people, and when you put people first then IT can excel. This insightful session will highlight the important qualities needed to lead, whether you’re in a leadership role, an aspiring leader or want to influence positive change.

No matter where you are in your career you cannot afford to miss this insightful, informative and inspirational session.



Jennifer has led teams across a wide range of industries and functions, challenging and transforming each one to respond to the evolving business environment and changing community expectations.

Jennifer has a Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Business, is a Graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has a range of ICT and project management industry accreditation's.

Jennifer’s core strengths are her people focus, business mindset and having the courage to bring bold ideas to life through determination, influence, cross organisational collaboration and hard work. Continually learning from her own successes and challenges and those of her team’s and with over 10 years’ experience in the public sector, Jennifer demonstrates her unwavering commitment to living the values of the public sector every day.



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