IOW - Why It's Your Time To Shine As A Women In Technology



IOW thanks Nada Matijevic for joining us to discuss how to develop our super powers in emotional intelligence, self-empowerment, clarify & vision and leadership to be successful in our careers.

We are experiencing a crisis, a time of fear, uncertainty and ambiguity. During this time we need to empower ourselves to plan to thrive and not just survive.

There is a shift happening in skills for success and what it takes to be an effective leader, with a strong emphasis on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). EQ mastery starts with self-awareness and can be learnt. It is important to align your values and connect with your 'WHY' to have true career success.

Do you know that EQ comprises 80% predictor of success whereas IQ and technical skills are only 10% each?

How can you build your EQ and Self-Awareness?
✅ Self-reflect
✅ Personality profiling - understand your strengths and weaknesses. Understand others personality types to help you understand and empathise.
✅ Journal
✅ Collate external reflection and feedback from others - this can provide insights into your blind spots

Again, thank you to ANZ for sponsoring this event.

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At a time when there's so much focus on what's wrong with the world it's time to take back our personal power and to focus on what's strong, and possible.

Right now we're at a tipping point as a humanity. Our systems for living and working are breaking down.

Living with a lack of clarity about the future, and with the fear of change and the unknown is stressful and disempowering. It stops us from expressing our full potential. That's why it's time to focus on elevating ourselves and our careers through our self-evolution.

Find out the three key components of solving these crises and how you can reclaim your power and take control of shaping the future you want. It starts with your Emotional Intelligence so join us to find out what you can do about it.

No matter where you are in your career you cannot afford to miss this insightful, informative and inspirational session.



Nada Matijevic is a Career Development and Transition Consultant, supporting professionals and executives to elevate their self-evolution, careers and lives in order to make their purpose-fuelled impact as evolutionary leaders.

A career in diverse environments and roles from technical specialist to leader and career development consultant has provided deep insights and different perspectives into career development and what it takes to make successful transitions from technical specialist to becoming a true leader.

This trajectory enabled Nada to develop and lead people, teams, and to drive positive change in workplaces by working closely with IT people on projects and systems.  The transition to independent career development was a natural transition.

It is this intersection of human genius and technology that excites Nada the most.

The vision of what’s possible when we tap into the best of innate human genius, creativity and capacity to evolve. And when we combine this with our expertise, knowledge, skills, experience and the power of technology.



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