Thank you for joining us at our Importance of Women in IT virtual May event with Michelle Redfern.  IOW program absolutely loved having Michelle Redfern inspire and motivate us with practical tips to advance our careers as Women In Tech leaders.

Michelle shared with us critical advice around the "the missing 33%" which refers to the importance of continuously developing and demonstrating business, strategic & financial acumen. In addition to this, she insisted that career advancement is based on our perceived and proven leadership skills.

"Don't get mad, get the right advice" - Michelle Redfern

Key takeaways:

  • Start taking risks, have a go before you are ready
  • Nurture your network when you least need it and be strategic about your networking
  • Identify and take action to close your missing 33%
  • No matter your position, embrace your identity as a leader
  • Know your career stage & get the right advice
  • Reach out and down - if she wins, we win!

Again, thank you to ANZ for sponsoring this event.

Watch Now to see Michelle's IOW Session.



This is the best career advice you'll ever receive.

Women get lots of advice, particularly when it comes to career advancement. But when we look at the low numbers of women in leadership, particularly in the tech sector, it's fair to argue that women haven't been getting the right advice.

If you're a woman who has ever wondered what it's going to take to get to the top, or to advance beyond middle management and reach your full potential, then this session by Michelle Redfern is a must. Michelle will enlighten you to why conventional advice given to women about leadership is outdated, incomplete and ineffective.



Michelle is an award winning advisor, speaker, MC & facilitator. She has a portfolio of business interests that include being the founder of Advancing Women in Business & Sport, Women Who Get It & co-founder of Culturally Diverse Women and Workforce & A Career that Soars!

Michelle is determined to contribute to achieving global gender equality in her lifetime, and is a trusted advisor to leaders who are serious about moving gender equality from conversation to action in their organisations. She is also a passionate advocate for women in sport and has written several papers about gender inequality in the sporting industry.


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