Thank you for joining us last Tuesday morning at our Importance of Women in IT virtual event with Megumi Miki.

Megumi discussed the need for us to embrace and elevate different leadership styles and traits, “our beliefs about leadership, strength & power needs an update now more than ever.” She identified the 3 key characteristics that help us become authentic leaders:

Authentic leaders are:

  • Comfortable with themselves (understand and embrace strengths & weaknesses)
  • Present in the moment (strong listening skills)
  • Purposeful (focus on ways they can contribute and make a difference)

Last week Megumi is sharing a free 4 part video series to help people to 'Thrive in Your Career as a Quiet Professional Without Feeling Fake'. If you feel like you’re overlooked because of your quiet nature, or you’re exhausted from having to put on a louder ‘persona’, this video series is for you.

Access video 2 ‘The five big mistakes many quiet professionals make – and how to avoid them’ and you can go back to video 1 as well, which is ‘Why many quiet professionals feel like they have to fake it to succeed in their careers’. You will receive links to the remaining videos each day.

If you are feeling challenged by being heard in meetings and now virtual meetings, the short video and tip sheet ‘7 tips for speaking to contribute and be heard – including virtual meetings’ may also be of help.

Again, thank you to ANZ for sponsoring this event.



How often have you heard that you should “fake it till you make it?” Should you change yourself to meet others’ expectations and adopt people’s feedback even if it feels fake? Or should you just be yourself and let others adapt around you?

In this world where authentic leadership is treasured, faking it will not result in people following your lead. People sense inauthenticity. If you don’t stretch outside your comfort zones, though, you will limit yourself, your career success and your ability to have an impact. How do we solve this dilemma?

There are two key ingredients that allows you to stretch yourself, feel some discomfort but not be fake. Find out what that these ingredients are. They are the key to being and becoming your best self.



Megumi Miki is the Founder of the Quietly Powerful (QP) movement helping quieter professionals to succeed authentically and expand the definition of good leadership. Her book “Quietly Powerful: How your quiet nature is your hidden leadership strength”, was released in November 2019. In this rapidly changing and chaotic environment, we all need to access our quiet superpowers like inner calm and inclusive leadership to remain resourceful and to adapt creatively. Read other articles and hear about future events/talks through Megumi’s newsletter: www.megumimiki.com



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