Thank you to Naomi Pollock who joined our IOW virtual breakfast series giving us very practical tips relating to networking: how to make genuine, lasting connections with a broad range of people, to grow your knowledge, confidence, personal reputation & career opportunities.

Networking is: listening, learning and sharing.

Key Topics & Tips:

  • What networking is (& isn't): Networking can be as simple as having a coffee with someone - and when you enjoy coffee that can be something to look forward to.
  • Negative self-talk: Importance of reframing the way we view ourselves and experiences into more positive outlooks
  • Curiosity and Your Why: Thinking about your personal drivers and your "why" gives you a script to talk to. People who are passionate and curious are great to talk to & be around.
  • Creating opportunities: Each networking opportunity is an opportunity to expand your network, meet new people.
  • Art of great conversation: Start from a place of listening, powerful place to start & prepare questions to use as building blocks.
  • From little things, big things grow: An initial connection can result in a referral down the track.

Remember that every conversation counts... Don't be scared - build your self-worth muscle memory!

Again, thank you to ANZ for sponsoring this event.



Hands up if you have ever:

  • Been at an awkward loose end at a conference break or event?
  • Wondered how to bring more inspiration into your everyday sphere?
  • Wished there was a way to network that was grounded, authentic and mutually beneficial? (hint: it does not involve golf)

Professional networking is absolutely essential for our personal and career growth, and even more so when we are physically distanced.

The session will cover:

  • Naomi’s story: How she went from “what’s LinkedIn?” to an exciting and fulfilling networking journey.
  • Spotting where Imposter Syndrome and other negative self-talk is holding us back.
  • The Great Conversations Kit: practical strategies for how to overcome the anxiety of what to talk about and move beyond the cliched 'so what do you do?'.

Join us for a session in how to make genuine, lasting connections with a broad range of people, to grow your knowledge, confidence, personal reputation and career opportunities.



Naomi is a certified BA & Scrum Master, who is skilled in blending IT delivery, business writing and facilitation to create great organisational and team outcomes.  Naomi believes in the value of gender-diverse teams, everyday Agile principles, and the all-round amazingness of IT people.  Naomi's blended education in Arts, Business and Counselling means she loves exploring how the power of words and human interactions transform the purely technical into ideas, solutions and ways of working that persuade. inform, inspire and unite. 




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